The hotel is located in Kostitsi, a small village of Epirus, Greece.

Epirus is the ancient cradle of the Greek nation.  The philosopher Aristotle, teacher of Alexander the Great wrote: “Ancient Greece is defined as the land around (the oracle of) Dodoni and (the river) Acheloos.  It is inhabited by two tribes, the tribe of Selloi (Σελλοί) and the tribe with the ancient name Graekoi (Γραικοί), now called Hellenes (Έλληνες)”, (Aristotle, “Meteorika” ch.14).  These two tribes gave Greece (Hellas) and its inhabitants Greeks (Hellenes), their name. The village of Kostitsi at an altitude of 900m, is 16 km. from the Egnatia Motorway, just a 20minute drive from Ioannina, the city of Ali Pasha and its magnificent lake.  It commands a breathtaking vista of the Tzoumerka Mountains and the Arachthos River Gorge.

It is easily accessed by air from Ioannina (IOA), Preveza-Aktion (PVK) and Thessalonica (SKG) Airports.

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